Fun Indoor Exercises for School-Aged Children

Fun Indoor Exercises for School-Aged kids

With the summer season well underway, it’s getting hotter and hotter outside. For many people, this means that it’s no longer comfortable to stay outdoors all day, and while an outdoor activity here and there may be fun, most prefer the comfort of the indoors. The problem, though, is how to keep your kids active from this indoor environment. It might actually be simpler to do so than you think, though. Here are a few of our favorite fun indoor exercises for kids.

Indoor Sports

Kids having fun indoor exercises

While many think of sports as an outdoor activity, there are plenty that can be enjoyed indoors as well. Sports like tennis, basketball, football, and countless others can all be enjoyed from the comfort of an air-conditioned court or sports facility. 

Sports are one of our favorite healthy activities for kids, and their benefits extend far beyond simple physical fitness. They also teach children to collaborate with others, foster a sense of team spirit, and encourage children to think strategically on their feet. Though it may just seem like a game at the moment, teaching your children to play a sport can help them learn lessons that will last a lifetime.

To get started, you’ll need to purchase some basic equipment. This varies based on the sport you plan to teach your child, but you’ll typically need a ball and some protective equipment. Depending on the sport, this protective equipment may range from something as simple as a helmet to full-body pads. Be sure to purchase high-quality equipment, as it’ll last longer, ensure you get your money’s worth, and is better for protecting your child from injuries. Once you’ve found equipment, look into local children’s sports leagues and pick out one that seems right for your child. This is a great way for them to have fun indoors, make friends, and stay active all summer long.

Indoor Obstacle Course

 teacher and kid playing

If you’re looking for something that’s cheap and easy to set up and will provide hours of fun, an indoor obstacle course is just the thing you need! Indoor obstacle courses can be set up using things like small hurdles, tunnels, and cones for your children to run, weave, jump, and crawl through all around the house.

Once your child has mastered the obstacle course, you can simply rearrange these components for an entirely new experience! When setting up an obstacle course, be sure to give wide berth to anything that’s easily breakable, as well as furniture that may harm your child if they run into it without looking.

Balloon Volleyball

Kid playing with balloon

Balloon volleyball is by far the easiest and most affordable task on this list, but that doesn’t hold it back from offering your children hours and hours of fun indoor activity. The goal of the game is simple: keep the balloon from touching the ground. It’s a classic game that we’ve all played in our childhood, but this variant adds a bit more competition to the mix.

To get started, divide your kiddos into two equally sized teams and inflate a balloon. If you have an indoor volleyball net, you can use it here, but if not, just draw an imaginary line for each side of the court. Then, have both teams try to keep the balloon off the ground on their side of the court, while trying to get it to touch the ground on the other team’s side. You can define an end point if you want to, but otherwise, just let the kids have fun!

When doing this indoor exercise for kids, be sure to use an area with plenty of space. You may want to use a room like the living room, and just move the furniture out of the way. Doing this ensures that your kiddos will have plenty of room to run around and chase the balloon without any danger of getting hurt.

Indoor Tag

Kids playing indoor games

Tag is a classic children’s game that just about everyone in the world has fond memories of, and it can easily be adapted to an indoor environment as well. Instead of running around and tagging by touching the other person, make it walking-only and play a variant like flag tag. 

To play flag tag, everyone tucks a small flag or handkerchief into their belt loops or waistband. The goal is to take everyone else’s flag, and whoever has the most flags by the end of the game wins. Playing variants and introducing a no-running rule helps make the game much safer for the indoors, so it’s a perfect indoor workout for kids.

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