5 Benefits of Toddler Painting

Cute girl painting

When your child grows into a toddler, they have a newfound sense of play. The fine motor skills they developed as a baby are ready for action. That’s where painting comes in. Whether finger painting or face painting for kids, there are several easy toddler painting ideas at your disposal.

Whichever kids painting ideas you pursue, painting is helpful to your toddler’s development. We’ve compiled a list of five of the top toddler painting benefits so you can start painting today.

Enhances Color Learning

Two girls are painting

Young children understand how colors work. Increase their memory of colors by naming which color they are using as they paint. Introduce them to the coloring books.

For the little Van Goughs among us, introducing color mixing is fun and enlightening. Mixing their own purple, orange, pink, or green can be an artistic science experiment.

Boosts Self-Esteem

Toddler is painting

Replicating emotions from our inner world boosts self-esteem in adults and children. Art is one of the easiest ways we do this, and painting is no different. Transforming feelings to images can help boost your toddler’s ability to express themselves.

Improves Communication Skills

Kids painting is a positive outlet. It teaches your toddler to communicate their moods and emotions in productive ways. Rather than bottling up anger or sadness, painting allows them to get those feelings out. The ability to regulate our own emotions is an invaluable tool, making this one of the top benefits of painting for toddlers.

Creates Spatial Awareness

Mother and son painting
The mother with son painting a big paper with their hands

Spatial awareness is the understanding of objects as they relate to one another. Painting encourages this skill in toddlers. Through trial and error, they are able to manage the space on their canvas. 

Establishes Concentration and Patience

Painting teaches patience as well as careful concentration. To generate art by painting, your child must be willing to apply paint to the page, and then wait for it to dry. Depending on their creation, they may need to repeat this process several times on one work of art. Adding painting to your child’s routine teaches the invaluable lesson that good things come to those who wait.

Spark Your Toddler’s Creativity 

Toddler painting

Whether you want to try watercolor, acrylic, or rock painting ideas for kids, we have you covered. We carry the best in art supplies to get the ball rolling for your young Picasso.

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