5 Perfect Garden Activities for Kids

Garden activities for kids

Gardening is a favorite activity for countless people across the globe, so as a parent, it’s only natural that you’d want to share that hobby with your child. Of course, there’s always the question of how. There are some parts of gardening that appeal to a child, but there are others that they either couldn’t do, or simply wouldn’t want to. Take a look at a few of our favorite outdoor gardening activities for kids that’ll allow them to learn the hobby in a fun and engaging way!

1. Let Your Kid Help You

Girls helping her mother in gardening

One of the best ways to get your child involved in the family garden is simply to let them help you. Of course, they may not be old enough to safely handle many gardening tools, so if you need, you can purchase a kids gardening set for them to use. Be sure to walk them through the process of gardening, showing them how you do each step and explaining exactly why you do it. Once you’ve given them the gist of things, step back for a moment and let them try it for themselves. They’ll be able to develop a love of gardening, as well as a sense of responsibility from caring for the plants, which makes for an excellent segue into our next section.

2. Give Your Kid Their Own Garden

Kid is gardening

Once your child has gotten more comfortable with helping you around the garden and has adjusted to the responsibilities that come with maintaining one, don’t be afraid to give them a bit more independence! Give them their own corner of the garden that they can take care of on their own, and let them handle everything.

From picking plants and researching their needs to caring for them on a regular basis, they’ll learn to take the initiative and make important decisions entirely on their own, all while cultivating something they can really be proud of. Once they’ve gotten older and more experienced, you can swap their toy garden tools out for the genuine article, and give them even more space to work with, helping them to form a lifelong passion!

3. Decorate the Garden

Kids are decorating garden with their teacher

Of course, there are many other outdoor garden activities for kids aside from the hands-on gardening work. Even if your child doesn’t enjoy gardening as much as you do, don’t give up on providing them with outdoor activities! Though they may not have the same passion for growing and caring for plants, chances are that they just have a passion for something different, and all you have to do is find out what that is.

For many, that passion is decorating the garden. Though the plants themselves are supposed to take center stage in a garden, there’s nothing that says you can’t have some extra garden décor to keep things interesting. Ask your child about their tastes in garden décor, whether that’s a silly gnome or a peaceful gravel path, and allow them to help choose where each of the decorations will go. This will give you a bonding experience with them, and allow them to work with you, even if your interests differ.

4. Building Cairns

Building cairns is a favorite activity for many outdoorsy types, and they make a surprisingly good garden decoration as well, adding a certain rustic charm that other decor pieces just can’t capture. Work with your child to build some interesting cairns, and you’ll see their creativity blossom in unexpected ways as they figure out how to make unique structures that’ll stay standing.

5. Looking for Worms and Bugs

Looking for worms and bugs in garden

Creepy-crawlies definitely aren’t something that every kid enjoys, but if yours does, it never hurts to nurture that interest! Of course, you do need to be sure you’re doing it safely. Before letting your child go look through the garden for worms, bugs, and the like, be sure to pick up a book to identify the different species. Ensure that your child knows the difference between the harmless bugs that they can look at and touch, and the dangerous ones that they should avoid and tell an adult about.

Once they’re ready to go out and take a look, they can use toy gardening tools to turn up dirt and look for hidden creatures. Then, they can capture a few to look at, identify, and sketch if they’re feeling creative before releasing them back into the wild. Overall, it’s a great way for children to learn a little bit more about the world around them, and the many species they share it with, all while having a great time in the great outdoors.

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