Baby Shower Gifts That Are Actually Useful

baby shower gifts

If you are invited to a close friend’s or family member’s baby shower, the first thing on your mind might be what gift you want to give. A baby shower is an opportunity to give your loved one a present that will make them happy and their lives easier. The last thing the host or guest wants is to give common baby shower gifts that they don’t use or that only end up sitting around their house. We’ll explore a few gift ideas for new mums that your loved one will actually use and enjoy. 

Finding the Best Baby Shower Gifts 

Baby shower gifts

The best gift for new mums will always depend on the mum. It will depend on the expecting families’ lifestyle and preferences. If they have a gift registry, you can gain inspiration from that as well. 

Maybe they are a family that sticks to basics and aren’t interested in gadgets like a smart baby monitor. Maybe you know the expected mum well enough that a diaper genie will change her life. It is important to first consider your budget, as well as the preferences of the expecting family. 

Let’s examine a few options, sorted from least to most expensive. This way, no matter your budget, you’ll find a gift for the expecting family in your life. 


Bay shower gifts: Baby pacifier and diapers in the crib closeup

Starting the list of baby shower gift ideas for mums: Teethers. There are many different options for teethers, all meant for different stages of development. The first type of teether a baby will need is a silicone teether. These are easy to chew, and many come with different textures. 


Bibs always get messy and need replacing. Fabric bibs are especially helpful during the newborn stage. As the baby grows and eats more solid food, silicone food-catching bibs can help keep the inevitable baby mess contained a little.

You can also combine the two gifts above with a teething bib. These are cloth bibs with an attached teether at the end. The expecting family may be grateful for this unique find!

Nursing Pads

Another very useful baby shower gift for mum is a nursing pad. If your loved one plans to breastfeed, nursing pads will continuously be on the shopping list. Having a few on hand right away can be very helpful to new parents. 

Diaper Caddy

Blankets and toy in carrycot

New parents often set up a designated changing station for their little one. But there will often be times when changing needs to happen elsewhere in the house. A diaper caddy can hold all the essentials for changing diapers for parents to take anywhere around the house. You can gift the caddy by itself or stock it with baby wipes, diapers, and diaper cream to give the expecting parent a head start. 


Wubbanubs are half pacifiers and half stuffed animals. Many babies love the sensation of using their pacifier while holding the stuffed animal attached. Plus, a bonus for the parents: These pacifiers are much harder to lose! 

Boppy Pillow

Cute baby on nursing pillow

We are moving into slightly more expensive baby shower gifts now. A boppy pillow is a crescent-shaped pillow made to support a baby during breastfeeding. Boppy pillows are especially versatile gifts. They can also support the baby when sitting on the floor or help anyone hold the baby comfortably while sitting down. 

Diaper Genie 

Save new mums the hassle of taking out the garbage every few hours to rid the house of stinky diapers. The Diaper Genie is a pail that airlocks, so new parents can throw multiple diapers away without worrying about the smell.  

Portable Sound Machine

Sound machines are an easy way to play white noise or soft music to help little ones fall asleep. Whether new parents are on a long car ride or spending the afternoon with a friend during nap time, a portable sound machine can be handy. 


Robotic wireless vacuum cleaner control by smartphone app

If it is in the budget for a bit more expensive baby shower gifts, Roombas can be especially useful to new parents. Roombas or other brands of robot vacuums can help keep busy parents’ spaces cleaner, which can save them energy and reduce stress.  

Smart Baby Monitor

There are many kinds of smart baby monitors that include a camera and a way to watch a live feed of the camera. While traditional baby monitors only provide audio, smart baby monitors provide a live visual of the newborn, giving parents peace of mind while their child is in their crib. 

Wrapping Up

There are many options when looking for baby shower gifts for mums, which means you are sure to find the perfect gift for the expectant mother in your life. The gifts above are sure to be useful to new parents, no matter your budget!

As the expected baby grows and the parents need more toys, you can look no further than Toys Central to find new toys that will bring the child joy. 


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