Best Baby and Toddler Travel Toys for 2024

Mother and son packing bag

Taking the family on frequent trips to visit new places and see new sights is ideal for many of us. However, for those with young children, getting from Point A to Point B can be a challenge. Babies and toddlers don’t always enjoy being cooped up in a car or airplane for hours on end. It become difficult to keep them happy and engaged during a commute. If you’re planning on traveling with babies or toddlers in 2024. Here are some of the best baby and toddler travel toys you might want to bring along on the trip. This way, you can keep your little ones calm and entertained during your travels.

Magnetic Building Blocks

Kids playing with magnetic building blocks

Magnetic building blocks make excellent toys for toddlers to play with on long trips. Whether your family is commuting by car or by airplane. These building blocks designed for toddler hands, so they’re large enough for little fingers to grip. In addition, the magnetic nature of these toy options means that it’s harder for your toddler to drop or lose pieces while they’re working on a creation.

Toddler Busy Books

Busy books can serve as one of the best toys for toddlers during travel because they’re often designed to be several toys in one. With busy books, each page is a new canvas so your child is sure to find something they like within the book. For some busy book products, the pages and “stickers” are either magnetic or can attach with felt or Velcro. This means that your child can play dress-up games or set up their own story scenes in their busy books.

Audio Story Players

Girl listening to audio book

When it comes to travel toys for kids, audio story players make a great addition to any parent’s collection. These story players allow young children to pick a story from a list of story cards. Insert the card into the player, then listen to a full audio story. There’s no need to navigate through YouTube videos or listen to ads. With these audio players, your children can simply interact with engaging stories during long trips.

No-Mess Coloring Books

For toddlers who like to draw or color, mess-free coloring books may be the best travel toy to invest in. This innovative form of coloring book comes in a variety of sizes and features. A long list of popular children’s characters, so it should relatively easy to find your toddler’s favorite. The markers, pens, and stamps that come with these coloring books utilize clear ink. You don’t have to worry about accidents or ink getting all over your car during the trip. When applied to the mess-free pages, these special pens and markers reveal colors, which gives your child the capability to create interesting pictures. 

In addition, some of these coloring books count as eco-friendly toys because the pages can be used more than once.


kids reading on kindle

If you’re looking for long-lasting and engaging travel toys, you can hardly go wrong with a Kindle. Many Kindle models have a decent battery life. These little devices can load with a wide variety of games and activities. They make excellent car toys for toddlers. They’ll help keep your little ones entertained while you’re on the road. Plus, in an effort to preserve the device’s battery life. You can switch between screen-time and screen-free travel toys throughout your trip.

Window Clings

Window clings make excellent airplane toys for toddlers, especially when your little one is sitting closest to the window during your trip. These small plastic shapes can be peeled from their sheet and applied to windows and other surfaces. With a simple wipe-down, these sustainable toys can be used over and over again. They don’t leave any mess or residue behind. They’re an excellent option for children who enjoy playing with stickers.

Sensory Boards

Sensory boards

When it comes to toddlers’ travel toys, sensory boards are a staple option. They’re typically quite compact and easy to stow away in the car. But they’re packed full of fun and interesting activities for toddlers to take part in. Many sensory board products come in packs that feature several boards. There’s always something new and interesting for your toddler to try out. Let them explore buttons, straps, switches, keys, zippers, and much more.

Traveling isn’t easy at the best of times. For families with small children, the process can be especially difficult. For the best possible outcomes during your travels, do your best. Ensure that your babies and toddlers are going to stay entertained and engaged whether you’re taking your car or getting on a plane. Remember that happy little ones make for a happy trip.

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