Doll’s House Set and Why it is Important

Girl playing with doll's house set

Doll’s house set is one of the most common childhood toy, and have been for decades. There’s just something natural about letting kids express themselves through play, but their importance goes far beyond just entertainment. So, why is dollhouse play so important to children? Let’s take a look.

Allows Expression of Imagination

First and foremost, a doll set allows children to express themselves freely and act out their vivid imaginations. From having fun with bizarre, far-out scenarios to puzzling through real social situations, using their imagination in the context of human interaction, imaginary or not, is critical to their growth. By giving children the tools to express and nurture their imagination, you in turn give them a key piece to their mental development.

Teaches Social Skills

Kids are playing with doll's house set

In a similar vein to expressing their imaginations, dollhouses also allow your kids to begin learning social skills on their own. While the scenarios they come up with aren’t always realistic, they often involve elements that could be applied to everyday life. By resolving imaginary conflicts and facilitating effective communication, for example, they’ll be able to apply their play experiences to real-life situations and conflicts. As a result, they’ll develop much stronger social skills, becoming more well-rounded and mature as a result.

Develops Empathy

To kids, dolls and dollhouses are almost like a reflection of the real world and the scenarios they go through. By inventing scenarios with conflicts and resolving them as mentioned above, they’ll learn to see both sides of an issue. Empathy can be a difficult skill to learn for young children, but through this miniature world in their imagination, they’ll be able to get one step closer to mastering it.

Cognitive Development

cute kid playing with cooking set

Owing to the combination of expressing imagination, learning social skills, and developing empathy, playing with a doll’s house set will contribute to greater cognitive development as a whole. Children learn and grow through play, and by providing them with toys that reflect their reality, you encourage and enable them to see themselves and others in the scenarios they act out while playing. This is, of course, one of the first steps your child will take to becoming a healthy, socially-aware, and compassionate adult.

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