How to Buy Safe Toys for Your Kids- A Guidebook

Baby playing with safe toys

While your standard baby walker or baby play mat is a fun and effective way to keep your child entertained throughout the day. They’ll eventually need something else to play with. Children learn new skills through play as they develop, so they’ll need toys that help develop those skills. Of course, it’s also important that they play with safe toys. It will make purchasing the right toys a bit more challenging. Fortunately, we’re here to help you out with a few tips on identifying and avoiding potential hazards when buying toys.

Look for Sustainable Toys

Many baby toys made from cheap materials that are bad for the environment, but for the ecologically-conscious parent, that just won’t do. Fortunately, there are plenty of manufacturers out there with a focus on green toys made from sustainable materials. So you can provide your children with all the safe toys they want while still keeping your carbon footprint low.

Buy Organic Baby Toys

In a similar vein, we recommend sticking to organic materials when buying toys for your children. Organic baby toys are not only more environmentally friendly, but are made to be non-toxic, and therefore safer.

Be Cautious of Paint

Girl is painting

At first glance, paint might seem like an innocuous thing, but it does have its fair share of hidden dangers, especially when it comes to older toys. Remember that for hundreds, even thousands of years, lead an incredibly widespread ingredient in paint. The risks of lead exposure and heavy metal poisoning were largely unknown. So lead paint was used for anything from homes to art, and yes, even children’s toys. Remember that small children tend to put things in their mouths. Needless to say, you don’t want your child ingesting lead from their toys, so avoid old painted toys entirely. Unpainted toys are functionally the same and significantly safer, so go with those instead.

Pay Attention to Age Recommendations

Age recommendations for kid and toddler toys are typically made with two factors in mind. The developmental stage of the child and the things that are safe for them to play with. For example, children from ages 1-3 are still developing their fine motor skills and will try to put anything they can find in their mouths. Therefore, toys for toddlers within that age range usually designed to help develop these skills, and won’t have any small parts your child could choke on. Balance boards, wobble boards, and the like are extremely popular choices for small children because of this. Pay careful attention to these age recommendations, and you’ll be able to keep your child safe and entertained.

Avoid Toys With Magnets or Batteries

Kid playing with car

Though any small parts in toys for kids can be dangerous, magnets and batteries are some of the worst by no small margin. If multiple magnets swallowed, they may stick together inside your child’s body, causing punctures, internal bleeding, and other potentially deadly consequences. Batteries, as you probably know, contain highly corrosive chemicals. If those chemicals happen to leak after the battery ingested, they’ll cause internal chemical burns which may even burn holes in vital areas. Needless to say, the consequences of swallowing either can be (and often are) deadly, so avoid giving your child any toys with magnets or batteries if you think they may swallow them.

Try the Toilet Roll Test

Many sensory toys made to be chewed on, so it’s important to ensure that they won’t fit in your child’s mouth. If you’re unsure whether or not it would fit at a glance, give the toilet roll test a shot. As the name suggests, all you need to perform this test is the questionable toy and a roll of toilet paper. Try to push the toy through the hole in the center of the toilet paper roll. If the toy fits through, it’s too small and may pose a choking hazard to your child. If it doesn’t fit, it should be safe for your child to play with.

Keep Baby Bath Toys Mold-Free

Baby bath toys

While rubber duckies are a great bath toy for your kids, be careful! Many of them have a hole in the bottom. Moisture can get into this hole and create an environment for mold to grow. If your kids have rubber duckies or any other bath toys that water could leak into, be sure to clean them out regularly to prevent molding.

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