Open-Ended Toys Great for Kids’ Creativity & Learning

Parents playing board game with their child

As a parent, you want to do everything in your power to ensure your child grows up happy and healthy, and a surprising amount of that starts with the toys they play with. Children learn and grow through play and hands-on experience. So the toys they have available carry a much heavier influence on their development than you’d first expect. Purchasing the right toys for your child encourages them to lead a creative life, and teaches them more about the world around them. Of course, to buy the right toys, you have to know what to look for. So we’ve put together a short list of ideas of open-ended toys to help you out.

Building Blocks

Girl and boy playing with building blocks

Perhaps one of the simplest types of creative toys for kids is the classic building block set. Building blocks are easy and intuitive to play with and relatively inexpensive. It makes them a staple toy for children across the globe. Toys for kids did not often design to grow with their child, but in a sense, building blocks are. Your child will need to start out with baby-safe wooden blocks. Of course, but as they grow older, they can move on to more complex types of blocks. Legos, for example, are popular among kids of all ages, and even adults.

Though less open-ended, modeling kits are also an increasingly popular option, and likewise enjoyed by kids and adults alike. As a matter of fact, entire subcultures have formed around modeling kits. With cool toys like Gundam kits appealing to a wide range of audiences across countless age groups. All that to say, allowing your kids to get creative with building blocks early on allows them to branch out and find new hobbies later on in life. Inconsequential as it may seem now, it presents your child with some invaluable opportunities to meet friends, discover interests, and live life to the fullest.

Board and Card Games

Mother and daughter playing with board game

Though board and card games come with their own sets of rules. Those rules don’t always have to be strictly enforced. A deck of cards, for example, is an especially open-ended toys option for anyone who knows how to use it. Teach your child the basic rules of the games you buy. Sure, but from there, let them get creative! They’ll be able to reinvent the rules in a way that’s most fun to them. They may even come up with a brand new game that’s entirely their own. 

Aside from this, though, teaching your child to play board games comes with a whole host of other benefits. Children generally bond through play and shared interests. So if your child knows how to play a variety of board games, they’ll be able to socialize more easily with other board game enthusiasts. These meetings can turn into lasting friendships. Think about yourself and those around you. For example. Chances are, you or someone you know has at least semi-regular game nights, a time to gather, catch up, and just share a fun evening with each other.

Toys for Make-Believe

Open ended toys

If there’s one thing kids are known for, it’s their wildly active imagination. Children can take even the most mundane of objects and find some creative use for them. Weaving together complex stories from scratch in an instant. It’s truly a thing to behold, and it’s absolutely something you should foster in your little ones. Creative toys that encourage imagination are invaluable tools in your child’s development, and ensure that they’ll be entertained for hours on end. Of course, the variety of make-believe toys you can buy for your kids is just about as open-ended as the toys themselves, so here are a few toy ideas to narrow down your search.

Try thinking about your child’s ideas for their future. Chances are, they have a fun career that they’re already dreaming of going into. Though they’re much too young to enter the workforce, there’s no age restriction on imagination. With the right make-believe toys, they can start their dream job as soon as today. If your little one has an interest in construction work, for example, they’d love to play with toy tools like drills, hammers, and shovels.

If they’re more interested in a creative career as a chef, they’ll get hours of entertainment out of some toy pots, pans, and plastic food. You really want them to be able to immerse themselves, you could even buy toy uniforms for jobs like doctors, police officers, or firemen. Though it may seem like a minor thing, this sort of make-believe is the key to helping your child develop a passion for their future career, and that passion will serve them for a lifetime.

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