10 Math Games for Kids That Are Educational & Fun

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Math is a fundamental skill that lays the foundation for problem-solving. However, convincing kids that math can be enjoyable is sometimes a challenge. Thankfully, the world of education has evolved. These days, there are lots of math programs for kids that make learning fun and fast-paced. In this blog, we’ll explore ten math games for kids that blend education with entertainment.

1. Flash Cards

One of the best ways to engage kids in math is through quick math challenges. Using a set of cards with different types of math problems, kids can test how many cards they fly through before time runs out. These fast-paced math drills  help children improve their mental arithmetic on a time limit. This is an especially good game to practice if your child has a timed math test coming up at school!

2. Tangram Puzzles 

Tangrams are ancient Chinese puzzles that consist of seven flat pieces, called tans. These seven tans are put together to form a square. Tangrams not only enhance spatial awareness, but also involve concepts such as geometry and spatial relationships. They’re great toys to introduce toddlers to and nurture future mathematical skills. For older kids, they can be used to further enhance learning of fractions and geometry.

3. Math Games Online

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The internet is a treasure trove of free tools, and it offers a plethora of fun math games for kids. Websites like Math is Fun are chock full of interactive math games on a variety of subjects like algebra, counting, measurement, and more. By keeping their games colorful and upbeat, these websites offer both entertaining and educational math activities that kids will play for hours. Math is Fun is by no means the only math website; ABC Mouse, CoolMath Games, and Math Blaster are also worth exploring as avenues for learning. 

4. Math Bingo

Bingo gets a math makeover with the Math Bingo game. This math activity is easy to learn and play, especially if your little student is already familiar with the original game. It simply makes the game educational by replacing numbers with math problems. As children mark off the right answers on their cards, they practice core math skills like adding and subtracting.

5. Sun Swamp 

Board games are an excellent way to play math games with your children. Not only do they get to sharpen their math skills, but it’s also a game that can involve the whole family! There’s something about a game board and some dice that make math much more enticing for kids. Sum Swamp takes kids on a mathematical journey through a whimsical swamp. As they navigate the board, players encounter math challenges that include addition and subtraction. The game incorporates an element of chance, making it both educational and unpredictable.

6. Twenty-four Math Game

Math Games for Kids

This is a unique and challenging  game that will require kids to put their critical thinking skills to use! The goal is to use four numbers and basic operations to reach the target number of 24. Encourage your child to get creative and think of all the different ways they can get to that number. This game not only sharpens calculation abilities but also encourages strategic problem-solving.

7. Sudoku and KenKen 

Sudoku and KenKen are classic puzzles for a reason. Even adults are drawn to these similar games for their element of strategy. Both promote critical thinking and logical reasoning. These fun math games will require your child to apply deductive reasoning to fill in the blanks, while adhering to specific rules. They can be frustrating to play at first, but with a bit of encouragement, anyone can conquer a game of Sudoku or KenKen. Adding these games into your child’s routine will continue to enhance their problem-solving skills.

8. Pizza Fractions

Math for kids just got a bit tastier. Bring math to the kitchen with a fun and delicious activity – Pizza Fractions! Start by making or ordering a pizza. As you slice it, involve your child in counting and discussing the fractions of each slice. For example, cutting a pizza into eight slices introduces the concept of ⅛ fractions. Encourage your child to identify and articulate the fraction of each slice they are enjoying. This hands-on approach is a great way to demonstrate the real-world use of math to your young student.

9. Zoombinis 

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What kid doesn’t love video games? In the computer game Zoombinis, kids must guide small blue creatures through a series of puzzles, each requiring a unique solution. The game’s engaging story and diverse challenges make it a great  tool for honing math and analytical smarts.

10. Math Jeopardy 

Bring the excitement of Jeopardy into the realm of math with a customized Math Jeopardy game. Rather than typical questions this version involves numbers game questions. Kids can choose to answer questions from different categories, depending on what they are learning at home or school. From addition and subtraction to geometry and word problems, Math Jeopardy makes learning competitive and fun.

With the power of play, math can easily be made into a fun activity. Discover all the ways your child can learn and play at the same time at Toys Central!

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