10 Must-Have Baby Travel Essentials for Your Kids

Baby is in the bag

If you’re an avid traveler with a new child, chances are you’re eager to get back on the road as soon as possible. However, there are some unique considerations to keep in mind when traveling with a child, and you’ll need to bring certain equipment to ensure things go smoothly. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the most important baby travel essentials for vacationing with children!

1. Toddler Travel Bed

Most hotels don’t provide special accommodations for babies when it comes to sleeping arrangements, so chances are you’ll have to provide your own. Fortunately, it’s not all that difficult to do so. Something like a travel pack-and-play or travel bed will allow your child to sleep safely and peacefully while away from home, which gives the whole family a chance to rest up for each new day of exciting adventures.

2. Diaper Bag

If you’re planning on doing some heavy tourism and sightseeing, you may not have the time to make return visits to your hotel room for diaper changes. Because of this, it’s prudent to carry a diaper bag around with you. Be sure to keep this diaper bag stocked with spare toiletries for quick, on-the-go changes, and you’ll be set to keep exploring all day without any need for tedious trips back and forth from the hotel.

3. Portable Toiletries

Portable Toiletries Bag

That being said, what baby necessities should you pack in a diaper bag? While your child may have unique needs that require you to bring more specific items, there are a few universal toiletries that any traveling parent should always keep on hand. Of course, you’ll need spare diapers to do a diaper change, but don’t forget other essentials like baby wipes or baby powder, either. In addition, be sure to pack travel-sized soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, and toothbrushes for each of your children to ensure that hygiene isn’t pushed to the side during vacation time.

4. Baby Earmuffs

If it’s your child’s first time traveling, they’re going to have countless new experiences and witness countless new sights, sounds, and smells. While this is fun, exciting, and novel for those children, it does tend to become overwhelming after a while, which may cause your child to become fussy. If that happens, one of the best travel items to have is a pair of well-rated earmuffs. Though typically used for noisy environments like construction or loud concerts, these earmuffs are also perfect for just blocking out the noise of a crowd and allowing your child to create their own mental bubble to relax in for a bit. This will allow them to self-regulate, avoid melting down, and return from that mental bubble refreshed and ready to keep exploring.

5. Portable Toys

Portable Toys

While vacation is supposed to be a fun time for all, young children haven’t exactly developed the same patience as adults when it comes to many of the more time-consuming elements of travel. Whether they’re waiting for their plane to take off, stuck in the car for long periods of time, or anything in between, small children are likely to become bored, so it’s a good idea to have something for them to do. Try to bring along a few portable toys, books, puzzles, and other activities to keep them engaged and entertained, even during some of the less interesting parts of your vacation.

6. Toy Organizer

In addition to bringing toys, be sure to bring a container to keep them all in one place. If your child loses a toy on vacation, it’ll be difficult, if not impossible, to recover, so to prevent that from happening, it’s best to keep them organized when not in use.

7. Pacifiers

If your child is still young enough to use a pacifier, make a point of taking a few extras with you. These must-haves for newborns are surprisingly easy to misplace, but without them, your child may become fussy and upset. To keep the vacation fun for everyone, it’s important to always have a few pacifiers on hand so you can help an upset child calm down if needed.

8. Spare Bottles

Another great way to keep your infant calm is to ensure that they’re always running on a full stomach. Before heading out on your next adventure, toss a bottle and some baby formula in your daypack, and you’ll always have a meal ready for your child when they start getting hungry.

9. Security Blankets or Plushies

As mentioned earlier, it’s easy for children to become overwhelmed while on vacation, so having something to hold onto has a sort of grounding effect. Whether that’s their favorite blanket or a stuffed animal, we recommend allowing them to bring a comforting object from home to carry around. If you do this, however, be sure to pay careful attention to ensure that the object doesn’t get lost or ruined.

10. Snack Containers

Snack containers

If you’re traveling with children old enough for solid food, it’s never a bad idea to carry around a few of their favorite snacks in secure containers. We recommend things like fruit, crackers, and dry cereal, but any of your child’s favorites that you can easily transport will work, so have some fun with it!

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