5 Benefits of Playing With Building Blocks for Children

Kid playing with blocks

While building blocks toys are a timeless classic among children’s toys, they’re actually far more beneficial for kids to play with than most people give them credit for. The simple action of playing with blocks can have an incredibly positive impact on your child’s cognitive development while also allowing them to have fun and learn through play. So, what are a few of the specific benefits of playing with blocks? Let’s take a look. 

1. Encourages Kids to Create

Encourage creativity in small children, allowing them to build any structure with Building blocks game that they can imagine. With a high-quality set of blocks, your child will be able to experiment freely with different structures and shapes, seeing what works, what they enjoy, and how it all comes together. This fosters a 

spirit of creativity from a very early age, and allows you to encourage that spirit as your child continues to grow.

2. Develops Special Awareness

Kids playing with building blocks

Of course, while your child can build whatever they want, the blocks aren’t limitless, per se. They still have to follow the rules of gravity, so through trial and error, your child will be able to develop spatial awareness and understand concepts of positioning and weight, and how those affect the integrity of their structure.

3. Stacking Helps Fine Motor Skills

Once your child has a concept of spatial awareness, however, they’ll need to develop fine motor skills in order to use it. As children learn to place blocks in precise positions to ensure their structure stays standing, they’ll strengthen their fine motor skills, skills which can be applied to just about every other aspect of their lives.

4. Encourages Focus

Building blocks for children

Though your child will eventually become quite the skilled little builder, they’ll need time to build up that confidence first. In the early stages when they’re still figuring everything out, they’ll learn to focus entirely on the task of building the perfect structure. Having learned to focus on building, they’ll be able to focus on their other goals and tasks as well, a skill that will benefit them for the rest of their life.

5. Can Help Teach Letters and Numbers

Finally, labeled building blocks can help teach your child to recognize and identify letters and numbers. If you play with them, you can point out the specific character each block is labeled with, and eventually, they’ll learn to recognize that character in other places as well, giving them a jump-start on their reading and writing skills.

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