Best Bath Toys for Kids: All You Need to Know

Boy playing in bathtub

For parents of small children, bath time can be a harrowing experience full of screaming and suds. Many kids don’t appreciate having to sit still and be scrubbed. They are all too willing to voice their displeasure on the matter, so to ensure bath time goes smoothly. It’s important that you have what you need to turn it into a fun experience. That being said, let’s take a look at a few of the best bath toys for your kids to enjoy.

Wind-Up Boats

Wind-up boats are a fun novelty for your kids that’ll give them hours of bathtime entertainment. All they have to do is wind the crank, set the boat in the water, and watch it jet across the tub. It’s perfect for creating a fun, splashy diversion that’ll make taking baths that much more manageable for your little one

Rubber Ducks

Bath tub ducks

Rubber ducks are a classic bathtub toy that you may even remember from your own childhood. Your kiddos are sure to enjoy them just as much as you did. Though they don’t do much on their own, they’re a surprisingly versatile toy in the hands of an imaginative child. Countless colors and decorations are available for rubber ducks, they’re sure to fuel hours upon hours of make-believe bath time fun.

Bathtub Fingerpaints

If your children tend toward the creative side, bathtub fingerpaints are nothing short of the perfect toy. Not only do they give your children the chance to express themselves without making a mess, they actually help clean them up in the process! Each paint is simply a pigmented soap, so once your kiddo is done painting, you can easily wash them off, and they’ll be squeaky clean.

Bubble Bath Solution

Bath toys

Many of us have fond childhood memories of playing in a bubble bath, so don’t be afraid to pick up some bubble bath solution and let your kids do the same. All you have to do is mix the solution with water, and your kid will be ready to enjoy some sudsy fun!

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