5 Fun Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

Kids doing paper craft

It’s difficult to keep your kids occupied sometimes. Every kid loves toys, but they can only keep a child’s interest for so long before they play a little too rough with it. Instead of going through expensive toy after toy, why not give art and crafts a try? Although crafty kids’ projects are a lot of fun, they often leave a mess. Paper craft ideas are an easy solution to this problem. They’re simple, fun, and easy to clean up. We’ve created a list of five crafting ideas your kids will love. Bring out the paper and scissors, and let’s dive into some easy paper crafts! 

1. Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern

Paper lanterns are a staple in festivals and holidays around the world. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, the Chinese New Year, Diwali, or another occasion, these lanterns are a festive and fun way to get your child involved. We love this easy kid’s craft from The Joy of Sharing. This project uses mandala art for the lantern, but it’s easy to swap it out for a different pattern to trace. 

2. Beach Collage 

Collages are great crafts for kids, and although any scene can be made into a collage, beaches are especially colorful and fun. Save this idea for a rainy or cold day, when the family is craving the warmth of summer. Making a paper collage is easy, and all you need is construction paper, scissors, and glue. Encourage your kids to get creative by adding elements like a big yellow sun, sand castles, and more!

3. Handprint Paper Animals 

Handprint Paper Animals

All your child needs for this craft is their hands, scissors, paper, and markers! Their handprint traced on construction paper makes the base of the animal. Other details like ears, horns, or spikes can be added with more paper and coloring with markers. To learn how to make every animal from eagles to cats, follow along with this tutorial from Avnis Busy World! 

4. Butterfly Life Cycle Fortune Teller  

This paper toy is perfect for school projects! Teach kids about the life cycle of a butterfly with this adorable fortune teller craft from Red Ted Art. Your little one may need a bit of help folding their fortune teller correctly, but they’ll love coloring and adding their own butterflies onto their creation.

5. Paper Chain Wall Decoration

Paper Chain Wall Decoration

We love craft activities that kids can keep and display at home. Once your child finishes making this rainbow paper chain, they can admire their work on your wall. Paper chains are simple and addictive to make. Don’t be surprised if yours ends up covering the entire wall! Here’s an easy tutorial to make these unique crafts. 

We hope this list of easy paper craft ideas has inspired you to help your kids get crafty! For more information and products on everything play, visit Toy Central today! 

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