Plan a Perfect Beach Day for Your Kids- Guide 101

Family playing on beach

There’s nothing better than a nice family day out at the beach. but if you want to turn that great beach day into the perfect beach day, you’ll need to plan a few fun activities. Whether it’s playing in the sand or going for a swim. Having a plan will give your kids even more to look forward to. So take a look at a few of our tips for planning the perfect day at the beach!

Sandcastle Building

Sandcastle Building

You can’t have a day at the beach without spending time building sandcastles. Since you’re already there, you might as well go all out. Before you head out, be sure to bring along your kid’s favorite sandcastle-building buckets, a toy spade, and a few extra tools for adding precise details and flourishes.

Of course, there’s more to building the perfect sandcastle than just cramming some sand into a bucket and calling it a day. To ensure your sandcastle keeps its shape, add a very small amount of water and mix it in. You want just enough to make the sand damp, but getting too much will cause the whole thing to turn into mud, so be careful. Once you’ve made the basic shape of your sandcastle, comb the beach for things to decorate it with like seashells and seaweed, stick them to the sandcastle, and step back with your kiddos to admire your work!

Enjoy Some Time in the Water

playing in ocean

By the time you’re done building the sandcastle, though, you and your kids will probably be a bit warm from spending so much time in the sun. Fortunately for you, the ocean is right there, so take your kids for a swim! If you want to keep them engaged, you can teach them classic water games like Marco Polo or pool tag, giving them a way to stay cool and burn off some extra energy.

Set up a Beach Day at Home

Of course, not everyone lives near a beach, but you don’t have to for your kids to have a great beach day. All you need to do is set up a sandbox, turn on the water hose, and break out your kid’s favorite beach toys, and you’ve got the perfect beachside experience in your own backyard!

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