Benefits of Playing Board Games With Your Kids

Children playing board games

Everyone has fond childhood memories of spending an afternoon playing board games. Naturally, most parents want to pass those same fond memories down to their children. Believe it or not, though, board games can have more benefits than fond memories and fun afternoons. Here are a few of the most important benefits of playing board games with your kids.

Screen-Free Entertainment

We live in an increasingly digital age, and kids are being introduced to smart devices and the internet sooner than ever. While these devices have their uses, it’s far too common for children to become addicted to them. To keep this from happening, it’s important to provide your kiddos with sources of screen-free entertainment. Board games are the perfect solution. They designed to be infinitely replay able, encourage kids to form friendships and have social interactions with other players. Most importantly, get children away from the screens for a bit.

Encourages Creative and Strategic Thinking

Two boys playing chess

Many board games, especially those with a more tactical element, can teach children to think outside of the box. Take chess, for example. It’s a classic game that’s been played for over 1500 years. But people are still thinking of new ways to outsmart their opponents. Giving your children the opportunity to play board games encourages them to think in ways that they wouldn’t have to on say, a school assignment. Giving them activities that make them think outside the box will encourage them to be creative thinkers and problem solvers in the future.

A Bonding Experience For the Whole Family

There are far too many cases of families who live in the same house. Eat at the same table, and relax in the same room, but don’t spend any quality time together. Family board game nights are one of the best ways to keep this from happening to your family. Family game nights start off with a fun activity. But they also give family members a chance to learn more about each other, ask about each others’ days, and ultimately grow closer.

Teaches Healthy Competition and Good Sportsmanship

 kids playing together at table

It can be difficult for kids, especially younger children, to learn the value of healthy competition. Even more difficult still is the ability to be a good sport. It’s natural to want to win, but children can become too emotionally invested in things that ultimately don’t matter. 

While this is a behavior that most children grow out of fairly early in their lives. Board games are a great way to help that process along. By playing board games, children can learn to be a gracious loser and a humble winner, as well as remember that games are supposed to be a fun, low-stakes experience. This lesson will serve your child well in the future, helping them to prioritize where they put their emotional energy.

Our Favorite Family Board Games

Cousins spending time together at home and playing cards

With so many board games on the market, it’s only natural that a few would rise above the rest. These board games are our top picks for hours of family fun, so we recommend giving all of them a look!

  • Root: Root is a board game about different factions of animals trying to rule the woodlands. It has a bit of a learning curve, but once you and your family have mastered it, it’s one of the best board games for teens that money can buy.
  • Candy Land: If your child is still young and doesn’t have much board game experience, a basic game like Candy Land is the perfect place to start. This game is simple enough for small children to understand, and can use to establish basic board game knowledge that you can build upon with more advanced games.
  • Uno: Technically, it’s a card game, but Uno is such a family classic that we felt it deserved a spot on our list. It’s also fairly easy to understand, but it’s aimed towards much more diverse audiences, so adults can enjoy it too. Games go quickly, so we always like to keep a deck in our back pocket during family outings. Whenever there’s a bit of downtime, you can get a few games in before continuing on your way.
  • Classic Card Games: Of course, you can always just pick up a deck of cards. With a 52-card deck, you have nearly limitless options for family games to play. Classic card games like hearts, spades, and poker are great for teens and young adults, so a deck of cards will be useful for years of family nights to come.

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