Playdates for Kids- Here’s What You Can Do

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Playdates are a great way for your kids to get to know new friends and keep up with old ones, so it’s important to schedule them regularly. There’s just one question, though: What activities should you have ready for them? For a playdate to go well, the kids need something to do, and that something has to be unique and interesting. Let’s take a look at some of the best toys, activities, and games for kids to play with. Make playdates for kids unforgettable with unique and interesting activities.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Kids, especially smaller children, need plenty of time outdoors, so scheduling an outdoor playdate is always a good idea. If you’re planning an outdoor playdate, you’ll need outdoor toys and activities to match. If you live near a forested area, we recommend a few new toys like toy shovels, magnifying glasses, and bug-catching nets. These toys will allow them to go bug-catching with their friends, find all the local insects, observe their differences, and overall learn more about the environment around them. 

Board Games

Boys playing jenga

First and foremost, there are classic board games. A lot of common fun activities can be done alone, so particularly shy kids may just go off on their own. Board games, however, rely on social interaction as a core element, so kids will naturally get to know their peers as they play. For younger kids, you’ll want to keep the board games you buy on the simple side, so something like tic tac toecheckers, or jenga will do the job nicely.

Have an Art Party

Playdate for kids

 If your kids tend toward the creative, playdates can be an excellent opportunity to branch out, explore their talents, and share and develop those talents with their friends. Best of all, it’s extremely simple to set up an art party! All you need are some crayons, paints, markers, and whatever other art supplies you want to buy, and you’re good to go! From there, your kid and all their friends will have a chance to express themselves, learn new drawing skills from their friends, and create memories all at once.

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