Water Play – How it Helps Kids to Develop

Kids are playing with water

The weather is heating up, and your kids are getting antsy! Now that school’s out and the sun’s up, are you ready to get sun kissed while your kids play water games?

From building confidence to improving focus, there are many benefits of water for kids! Not only is swimming a fun activity that allows for collaborative games with friends, but it also encourages a healthy and active lifestyle.

Whether your children are itty bitty, adolescents, or teens, there are water play activities for kids of all ages!

Water Play for Little Ones

Kids enjoying water play

Have little ones who aren’t quite ready to learn how to swim? Water play can still be a fun summer activity that hones their fine motor skills along the way! 

According to Busy Bees, “Water play involves water as well as using tools such as buckets, containers, and toys, etc. that allow children to splash, scoop, pour, submerge and explore their senses.” While your little ones may not yet be able to submerge into the pool with the big kids, they can still have fun and benefit from everything water play has to offer!

Water play toys and activities can help your tots with balance, strength, coordination, and, notably, motor skill development. Developing motor skills in young children may seem daunting, but water play allows for actions like pouring, scrubbing, squirting, stirring, and squeezing, which are all important movements that lead to increased fine motor skills. You might even let your inner child out as you take a turn on the Slip N Slide!

Getting a smaller pool for kids may also be a great way to let your tots get comfortable with sitting in water before they’re ready to hang with the big kids!

Water Games for Kids & Teens

Water play for kids

If your kids are ready to dive into the big kids’ pool head-first, be prepared to show them the ropes one step at a time. Pool floats for kids are a great way to allow your children to step into the big pool safely.

Your kid may already be a total pro and know how to swim! If that’s the case, investing in pool toys for kids may be the way to go. As a kid, didn’t you play some fun pool games? For kids, pool games and toys can be a great way to socialize with friends, get some exercise, and enjoy a summer day!

Ready, Set, Swim!

If you’re ready for some fun in the sun, Toys Central has some awesome toys, floats, and activities for you to start your epic summer with! Check them out here! 

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