Top Eco-friendly Toys for Christmas and Beyond

Eco-friendly Toys for Christmas

With Christmas coming up fast, parents everywhere are scrambling to find toys for kids that will impress. Huge amounts of plastic and waste is created each year just to meet the demand for kids and their parents. This can have a negative impact on the environment, leading to landfills full of plastic that will take hundreds of years to decompose. Thankfully, there are ways to give the eco-friendly toys for Christmas to kids in a more earth-friendly way. 

A Cleaner Parents Guide to Gift-Giving

To offset these effects, consider making the switch this season to a more sustainable form of giving. Eco-friendly toys for Christmas are a great alternative if you’re looking for gifts that are more socially conscious. In this blog post, we’ll explore different types of sustainable toys, all options your little one will love. 

Paper Craft and Puzzle Kits

Paper Craft and Puzzle Kits

Encourage the budding artist in your kiddo with DIY craft kits made from sustainable materials. These kits often include recycled paper, natural dyes, and non-toxic components. Your little ones will unleash their creativity while learning about the importance of repurposing materials. 3D paper puzzles are another fun option, and they make great stocking stuffers. We love EUGY for their quality and price point. Their puzzles are made from cardboard, you can find a kit for just about any animal—even dinosaurs! 

Organic Baby Toys 

Organic Baby Toys

Sustainability isn’t just about keeping the earth healthy, it’s also about safety. This Christmas, gift babies and tots in your life with safe, all-natural toys. Made with materials like bamboo, recycled plastic, and organic cotton, these toys are free from harmful chemicals. 

One of the best green toys for babies you can get are wooden teething toys. Not only is wood more eco friendly than plastic, it’s also non-toxic, durable, and antibacterial. For bath time, baby bath toys like organic rubber ducks make great gifts. 

Eco-Friendly Stuffed Animals 

Eco-friendly stuffed animals

Most kids love stuffed animals. Why not put an earth-friendly alternative under the tree instead? Eco-friendly stuffed animals are plush companions consciously crafted to minimize environmental impact. Typically made from organic or recycled materials, these toys avoid synthetic fibers and reduce reliance on non-renewable resources. Eco-friendly stuffed animals also prioritize biodegradability, ensuring a gentler end-of-life impact on the planet. Aurora’s environmentally safe plushies are sourced from 100% recycled plastic bottles— plus they’re adorable! 

Cloth Books 

Books always make great gifts for kids, especially younger aged children. However, while standard hardcover books will always have their place, fabric books have several advantages over them. For babies and toddlers, they provide a more sensory, fun experience with soft textures and crinkling sounds. As an added bonus, they’re often washable and mess-proof. Explore fabric books made from organic or recycled materials to ensure you shop the sustainable route. These books are often filled with organic cotton or bamboo fiber, providing a tactile and safe reading experience for babies.

Wooden Balance Board 

Wooden balance board

Wobble boards, also called balance boards, provide hours of fun entertainment and exercise. Fun for both kids and adults, these boards help improve joint strength, flexibility, and offer an opportunity to work less-used muscles. Instead of getting your child a plastic wobble board for Christmas, opt for wood instead as a more eco-friendly option. 

Solar Powered Toys 

Solar powered toys are a neat way to introduce concepts like renewable energy to your little one. Not only do solar powered gadgets entertain, but they also have an educational component, teaching early STEM ideas. Whether it’s a solar-powered car or a DIY solar robot, these toys instill an early appreciation for eco-friendly technologies. Toys like the Thames & Kosmos Solar-Powered Rovers STEM Experiment Kit take this a step further by letting kids perform experiments with solar models they create themselves. 

This holiday season, remember to shop sustainably for the children in your life. Green toys such as wooden wobble boards and eco-friendly stuffed animals can both delight your child while also making a positive impact on the earth. For even more sustainable and earth-friendly toys, shop Toys Central today! 


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